Journal for Moms

Being a mother, with its challenging and rewarding moments, is the greatest honor in a woman’s life. The children’s behaviors allow a mother to discover what she is capable of doing in molding and shaping the children into loving and responsible adults.

In journeying life as a mother, one is not only molding the children to be the best versions of themselves, but also molding the mother in the process through her unique experiences with them. The birth of a baby follows the mother’s own rebirth, as a woman. During this time, a mother’s attitude is put to the test, because everything can happen so quickly; defining or redefining a mother as an individual. As a mother, she sees to it that she is present in her children’s lives; especially when things get tough and difficult; by being a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, a gracious heart to lift them up, and loving arms to hug them. During the mother’s everyday adventure with her children, it is helpful to grab this journal, and pause, relax, and get a pen; to reflect on the experiences that molded her to have become the kind of person she is today. Below are the contents of the journal:

Part 1: Family Experiences

Part 2: First Times

Part 3: School Part

Part 4: Relationships

  • Friends
  • Romantic Partners
  • Husband

Part 5: Career

  • Workplace
  • Decisions

Part 6: Favorites

Part 7: Motherhood

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Childbirth
  3. Child/Children
  4. Christenings
  5. Birthdays
  6. School Experiences
  7. Relationships


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