Secrets Untold

There are events in our daily lives that we truly cherish; especially those that make us happy. However, there are some experiences that we never expect to have; we do not want to happen; and regret when they do happen. This journal is designed for you to reflect on these events in your life that you wish did not happen; and the things you have regretted to have done nothing to make them happen; and all the other things you wanted in your life to have happened and never came to pass.

It is hoped that this journal will help you recognize what occurred; accept that there are things beyond your control; and let go of the things, people, and events in your life that may have made your journey difficult.

In this journal, you will recall, reflect, and reveal your secrets; so that you will be able to let go of them by:

  • tearing, (just tear the paper into tiny pieces by hand or using a pair of scissors)
  • burning, (be careful when you burn each page; prepare water to prevent fire)
  • crumpling and throwing, and
  • exploring your creative side in disposing of the biodegradable material. An example is forming a paper boat out of a page after you have answered the prompts; then leaving it in a place where it cannot be considered as litter. Below are the contents of the journal:


  • Childhood Hurts
  • Embarrassing Moments
  • The Craziest Things I did
  • My Kind of Love
  • First Love
  • Hard and Problematic Love
  • The love that lasts
  • Forbidden Love
  • Anger Withing (With Anger Management Strategies)
  • Other untold feelings, thoughts, and behaviors


Product Detail:

– This is a physical product.
– It measures 6.5 x 9 inches

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We hope you enjoy this journal, as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you!


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