This is a helpful tool when you wnat to slowly heal from those people, things, and events that really broke you into pieces.

Name Goes Here

The most revealing part of the journal is the one-week conquering stress journal…it helped me find or realize the ways and means on how I should manage this kind of stress whenever I’m about to face it again in the future.

Bev Pantaleon

The journal has affirmed the FEELING that I am UNIQUE, I am BEUATIFUL, I am LOVED…if not by any ONE..then MYSELF.

Ligaya Marie Anog

I love how every text feels like a personal conversation, it makes journaling more intimate and personal with our self-awareness.

Pauline Labrador

As a fulltime momma, journaling helps me control my emotions & improve my mood. What’s amazing about the stress journal is, di lang siya ikaw ang naay insight or isuwat, it is where makabasa pud ka on how to minimize stress.

Kae La Rosa

There are activities in the journal that comes easy and light to do, but there are also these challenging parts this journal demands of me to ponder on more deeply.

So, if you’d like to begin your self-love journey but don’t know where to begin, I highly recommend this to you.

Joselito Banono, RPsy

I can say that it’s a journey worth taking. The prompts and guides in both anxiety and self-love journals have been really helpful in my development as I move on to different stages of my life.

Audrey Molina