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a Journal.



Conquering Stress

A journal that can help manage stress for yourself, your friends, and family.

Journal for Moms

A journal that is great for moms to help them be the better version of themselves.

Defeating Anxiety

A journal that can be of help for people experiencing the condition.

Secrets Untold

A journal that can help you heal your inner child.

Overcoming Depression

A journal that can serve as a preventive measure.

Parenting Resources

A material worth investing to help parents improve their children’s self-confidence.


Self – Love

A journal that can help you see your worth and will let you find the reason to love yourself.

Digital Journal Copies

On – hold at the moment.

About the Author

I am Michelle A. Cellona, a Clinical Psychologist with more than twenty (20) years of experience in the field. Our clinic is currently situated in Cebu City, Philippines. I am passionate in writing about topics that are close to my heart and my advocacy. My family is my inspiration as I journey through this wonderful life.

I am happy to share to you that I was able to author and publish 6 Do-It-Yourself journals which contain guides and prompts that will help you process your thoughts and emotions. These are the DIY Self-help Journals I have published: (1) Conquering Stress, (2) Defeating Anxiety, (3) Overcoming Depression, (4) Self-love, (5) Secrets Untold and (6) Journals for Mom. Parenting resources are also available to guide families develop and improve their family dynamics. Techniques on effective parenting are presented.

Our team hopes to build a community where we are equally aware and sensitive of each other’s well-being. We hope that we can be partners towards a holistic and healthier way of life.



A mind that is still gives us a heart that is still.


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