The Author

Dr. Michelle Abella Cellona’s books on General Psychology and Understanding the Self have been used by teachers handling basic psychology and their students. She has also authored manuals on parenting and teaching methodologies.

A registered practicing psychologist and a licensed early childhood education teacher, Dr. Cellona practises in her own clinic -MindPro Psychological Services

Which offers…

psychological testing


neuro-psychological exam


psychological assessment

Nullity cases
Child custody

counseling and psychotherapy

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trainings and seminars

Solution-focused approach in dealing with depression
Handling difficult people in the workplace Stress management
Anger management
Leadership, in-service training for teachers Effective parenting
Conflict management and the like).
The clinic also customizes training designs that suit the needs of the organization.

“MindProHacks believes in this gospel truth. If a healthy and loving relationship with your mind and heart is what you want, you have come to the right website. A healthy and loving relationship with our mind and heart is the “Ikigai” or the reason for being of MindProHacks.”

Dr. Michelle Abella Cellona